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Teacher Talk

Teacher Talk: Latin and Greek Word Roots Program

October 29, 2020

Mater Christi School third-graders begin the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge each week by first reviewing the previous weeks’ roots. They then see and hear each new root and its definition. Once the root is revealed, students begin brainstorming as a class the words that they already know with the given root. As they share these words, they offer their sense of what it means and how it is connected […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: Financial Literacy

October 7, 2020

This fall, Mater Christi School launched a Financial Literacy elective. The program prepares middle school students for life choices by teaching financial mindfulness and responsibility. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are learning how to be smart consumers, manage money, and plan for the future. Concepts and skills covered in this weekly class include: spending vs. saving, banking/payment types, building a budget, credit, and borrowing, saving and investing, spending wisely, protection […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: First Lego League Competition 2019

December 9, 2019

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, four members of the Mater Christi Master Builders competed at the 2019/20 Regional FIRST Lego League Vermont State Championship; “City Shaper” hosted by Norwich University. Students worked every Tuesday after school to build fixtures, code the robot and plan strategy to complete missions related to building better cities. Students started the day with a robot that could reliably complete four missions, including “Traffic Jam” created […] Read more...

Teacher Talk: Humane Society Visits 1L

May 15, 2019

Students in Kristen Lee’s first-grade class collected pennies during Lent and voted to donate the money to The Humane Society of Chittenden County. Erin Alamed, Director of Volunteer and Community Outreach, visited the classroom today with her rescue pup, Shelby, to collect the basket of goodies and talk about all her organization does for the community. Kristen Lee First Grade Teacher   Read more...

Teacher Talk: Cell Organelles in 2+ Dimensions in 5th. Grade

December 7, 2018

5B Science with Ms. Sem/Makerspace with Ms. Finkle Students in Mrs. Sem’s fifth-grade science class are learning about the form and function of cells.  Their studies reveal that cells, like our own bodies, are made up of specialized units within that work together to perform all the necessary processes for life.  Diving deep to understand the various kinds of organelles and their functions in different kinds of cells, students created […] Read more...