Fine Arts

    Art is about JOY.  

    At Mater Christi, it is our goal to foster a love of learning and appreciating how to see our world creatively. In the Fine Arts program, we teach our students how to make mistakes, learn from them, and have the grit to try again.

    Every student has art once a week.

    • Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten level art classes offer ample time for play and experimentation.
    • Elementary art (Grades 1-3) focuses on design and creative problem solving.
    • Intermediate art (Grades 4-5) offer students a variety of art experiences through many different media.
    • Middle school art (Grades 6-8) run more like a studio approach to artmaking.

    There are always opportunities for students to have additional art experiences when teachers collaborate to develop integrated projects.

    At Mater Christi, we believe that all children from a young age have important ideas, observations, responses, and feelings that can and should be heard and that the arts offer a natural outlet for self-expression. Through immersion in the artistic process students develop their innate curiosity, learn to trust their choices and gain self-esteem.