Advanced Technology Center

    Our new Advanced Technology Center, which includes the Elementary and Intermediate/Middle School Makerspace Classrooms, Bulldog Robotics Lab, Mac Lab, and the updated Computer Lab, is designed to ensure Mater Christi School continues to meet the demands of a rigorous 21st century education.


    The unique Mater Christi Makerspace program spans Kindergarten through the eighth grade. Students in Grades K-3 engage in the research based MCS Elementary Coding Curriculum, and age appropriate hands-on classroom content related activities in the Elementary Makerspace. The new Makerspace Classroom is a flexible lab space in which intermediate and middle school students engage in age appropriate hands-on activities in the advanced technologies, such as prototyping, fabricating, testing, electronics, robotics, and reverse engineering of mechanical and electrical devices and systems.

    Bulldog Robotics Lab

    The Bulldog Robotics Lab features a dedicated printing area with two 3D printers, a color desktop printer, and mini Mac lab, a dedicated fabrication area with a drill press and saws, specialized robotics hand tools and cordless power tools, a dedicated electronics bench with power supplies, multimeters, signal generators, and a soldering station with ventilation, power and articulated light. It is also equipped with locking cabinets with charging docks for robotics club electronics, dedicated FTC field driving area with storage for field elements and competition related equipment, and workbenches with tool organizers and storage, power and articulated light. Other features of the space include drop power outlets and plentiful power outlets, specialized lighting for reliable color sensor use, durable tile flooring, dedicated network connection, projector, dedicated restroom, and operating exterior windows with shades.

    Bulldog Robotics Club

    The Mater Christi Bulldog Robotics Club is one of the very few middle school FTC Robotics Competition clubs in Vermont. The new Bulldog Robotics Lab is designed to facilitate the design, construction, operation, and use of robots by students in grades 5-8. The goal of the Bulldog Robotics Club is to design, build and code machines that can successfully participate in the FTC Robotics Competition. The goal of the robotics program at MCS is to inspire students to practice and integrate the skills they develop in the Makerspace program, to think critically, to work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems, and to discover the joy of robotics.

    Mac Lab

    The new Mac Lab adjacent to the Computer Lab adds camera and microphone capabilities for multimedia production, graphics, coding and animation, and access to Apple specific applications, such as iMovie, ScratchJr, and Minecraft: Java Edition. It features 24 iMacs with 21.5 inch screens and 20 brand new Ipads, two 3D printers, and a Glowforge laser cutter. Other features of the space include drop power outlets, durable tile flooring, dedicated network connection, operating exterior windows, large utility sink and dedicated restroom.

     Computer Lab

    The spacious ergonomic workstations in the Computer Lab provide greater comfort for students on longer projects, and allow for easy collaboration. Other features of the space include a projector with document camera, color printer, team work tables, specialized lighting for reliable color sensor use, carpeting for sound absorption, dedicated network connection, and operating exterior windows with shades.

    Together with the Elementary Makerspace and Science Laboratory spaces, the new Advanced Technology Center at Mater Christi School facilitates a full spectrum hands-on STEM education to students in grades K-8.