Health Office

    The Health Office at Mater Christi School serves to protect and promote student health, facilitate optimal development, and support academic success. In coordination with community health services, we provide students with health assessment and counseling, first aid care, and emergency management. The Health Office also takes steps to control communicable diseases within the school, manage special health concerns and provide health and wellness education.

    The Health Office provides a wide range of services to promote the health and well-being of the Mater Christi community. These services include, but are not limited to:

    • Individual Health Plans (IHPs) created by a registered nurse, in cooperation with healthcare providers and parents/guardians
    • Management of potential life-threatening health issues such as asthma, diabetes and allergic reactions
    • CPR, first-aid and Epi-Pen training for staff members
    • Administration of prescription and over the counter medications
    • Coordination of immunization policy, documentation and reporting
    • Conducting vision and hearing screening in compliance with state requirements
    • Organization and documentation of student health records that can be shared with parents/guardians

    For more information about the Health Office, school health policies and information on health and wellness please visit our Nurse’s Website!