Science Fair 2021- 2022

February 28, 2022

Thanks to all of the Judges:

1. Dr. Declan McCabe                   6. Hari Konnanur                       11. Pete Brescia

2. Michaela Forgione                    7. Dr. Amanda Kennedy            12. Dr. Jen Kaufman

3. Bob Viswanathan                      8. Rachel Carpenter                   13. Mike Mazzella

4. Dr. Erika Edwards                      9. Regan Henry                           14. John Sargis

5. Elaine Keane                              10. Chris Morse                           15. Becky Sargis             

Great work to all of the Students who completed projects!

The Awards go to:

Grade 6                                                                                                                                                 

1- Max Robinson- “The Roll of Xanthan Gum in Baking”

2- Andrew Gautreau- The Sky’s the Limit”

3- Krish Dahal- “The 5 Second Rule-Fact or Fiction”


Grade 7

1-Celeste H.- “Better than a Message in a Bottle”

2- Isaac Rubman- “A Rebounder that will pass all expectations”

3- Raxa Tariyal- “Automatic Pet Food Dispenser”

Grade 8

1-Miles Kenny- “Tides are Turning”

2-Jake Broe- “You Shanty go fishing without this tip up”

3-Jack Bryan- “Are your Golf Balls Worth It?”

Pendy Pics

Addison Moulton- “Is Pole Planting Faster or Slower in a Ski Race”

Kate Larkin- “How Trashy are our Beaches?”

Bret Stoneman- “For Whom the Decibel Tolls”