Makerspace: Inspiration Icosahedrons

September 29, 2015

Inspiration IcosahedronStudents in grades K-3 were introduced to the Makerspace this year with an activity called the Inspiration Icosahedron. One of four important rules in the Makerspace is to always wear our thinking cap. But sometimes our thinking cap isn’t enough to get us thinking “outside the box”. We talked about what we could do for inspiration if we get stuck. Looking at our painted ceiling tiles was confirmed as inspiring. In the same spirit, we created inspiring images to decorate the sides of several Icosahedrons, which hang in the Makerspace for us to look at if we need inspiration.

Students produced images of campfires, dolphins, sports, family, pets, tropical islands and more! The icosahedrons have been assembled and are hanging in the Makerspace to inspire all who gaze upon them to think outside the box. Come see them when you get a chance!

Tricia Finkle
STEAM Enrichment Instructor & Makerspace Director