MCS Celebrates Grandparents & Special Friends Day

October 2, 2015

Grandparents & Special Friends DayToday, Mater Christi School students welcomed their Grandparents and Special Friends to be honored and celebrated. The 1st grade kicked the day off with a heartwarming prayer service. Ms. Finkle assisted the 1st graders in making an iMovie which featured each student saying something they love or a fond memory about their grandparents. The collection of tributes was both funny and sentimental! Dr. & Mrs. Adam and Angela DeSanctis compiled a slideshow of hundreds of photos of students and their grandparents.

The whole gym sang “Happy Birthday” to our very own, Mrs. Rock, and she was recognized as not only “the rock” of the school but also as a special grandmother as well.

Next, Mr. Loescher and Mrs. Quinlan lead all the students, grandparents and special friends in several games of Bingo. When Bingo was finished, the grandparents were able to go back to their kids’ classrooms for a snack and activities prepared by the room parents and teachers.

Grandparents & Special Friends DayA special thank you to…
– Our dedicated PTO and room parents for the refreshments and fall decorations
– Mrs. Leslie Sem, Ms. Chelsea Fournier and their 1st grade students for hosting the prayer service.
– Adam and Angela DeSanctis for orchestrating the day and creating the slideshow
– All the other volunteers and teachers who helped with today’s events.

Lastly, thank you to all the grandparents and friends who came from near and far to join us on this special day. There were many who couldn’t be here in person, but they were absolutely in our hearts.

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