News: Field Hockey Undefeated Season

November 4, 2021

The MCS field hockey team was undefeated, with a record 8-1-0 for regular season games! MCS partnered with Christ The King School, and every player brought a strength to the team that solidified the success of this great field hockey season! The drive and determination from each player was profound, and everyone should be proud of their accomplishments. 

Highlights from the season included:

  • Goals were scored by 8 players, which demonstrates the depth of the team.
  • Five team members were first-year players. Each of these individuals developed so much over the season and contributed significantly in each game.
  • While many middle school programs practice about four times a week, our program practiced/played twice a week. Despite less time on the practice field, the girls still maintained an undefeated season and finished the season with a win over South Burlington, who was undefeated prior to our game.

Field Hockey Coaches