News: MCS Chittenden County Championship

October 22, 2021

Congratulations to the Mater Christi cross country runners who raced on Friday afternoon at Shelburne Museum in the 2021 Chittenden County Championship. In a big upset of the largest schools in the county, the girls won the overall girl’s division race and are the Chittenden county champions.

The MCS team showed a great effort by all the girls to win in a new time trial style of racing this year. All the Chittenden county schools raced the same course against the clock over 3 days. The MCS girls finished in first place with the fastest overall time for the top 5 runners. Maddy Lacy placed 2nd overall and easily won the 6th grade race, with Savannah Nelson running second and both finished top in the 10. It was great to have Izzy Lacy return from injuries and complete her first race, which made the difference for points in the team category. Summer Nelson and Ziva Baker were the other top 5 scoring runners with Kate Larkin and Moriah Neider close behind.

Jackson Everleth-Trull, Shanney Akinlade, Summer Nelson, William Cunningham, Xander Desautels, Ziva Baker, Mike Early (Coach), Savannah Nelson, Phineas Shrake, Maddison Lacy, Isabelle Lacy, Kate Larkin, Ellie Larkin, Addison Moulton, Tristan Schreiber, Moriah Neider, John Belter, and Maryann Nunn.

The MCS team has finished 2nd, 3rd, and 6 times they were 4th in the county. This is the first win for the girl’s team of the Chittenden county championship, which was canceled last year.

The boys ran well against the clock and competed against almost 300 runners. Jackson Everleth-Trull had a great race and was one of the top 6th grade runners as well. William Cunningham, Xander Desautels, Owen Mancini, Tristan Schreiber, and Phineas Shrake were the scoring runners for the boy’s team and had an 11th place finish in the county.

Mike Early

MCS Cross Country Coach

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