3rd Grade visit to the Fleming Museum

April 9, 2018

The sttudents visit to the Fleming Museum supported their geometry unit in mathematics, coordinated by Mrs. Poirier, Mrs. Coulter and Education Assistant, Lizz Emmett, of the UVM Fleming Museum. Students sketched exhibit artifacts from African, Peruvian, and early Native American cultures, looking for, and identifying, patterns displaying symmetry, translation, rotation, and dilation. Among the artifacts viewed were carved wooden headrests from Central Africa, woven fiber art from Central America, and intricate bead and leather work from the American Northwest and Plains native tribes. Students worked in the Fleming art and education studio to create their own paper versions of a Native American leather and beaded traveling pouch, called a Parfleche. They used their sketches and knowledge of the geometrical math patterns they have been studying in class to design these colorful works of art.

Laura Poirier

Art Teacher

Mater Christi School