Teacher Talk: Easter In Kindegarten

April 13, 2017

Our Kindergartners have been working hard preparing for Easter by doing thoughtful deeds at home and at school. Each time they do a good deed they get to glue a colored egg on their Lenten Egg Tree.

Their goal is to fill their Tree with many colorful eggs showing their growth in love during lent.  One of their kind thoughtful deeds was making Easter cards for the Sisters of Mercy.   This was done with the help of their Third Grade Reading Buddies.

The children began Holy Week by singing Hosanna and waving their palms.  We also collected pictures of The Last Supper, studied them  and did our own pictures putting in all 12 apostles and Jesus.  Each child chose an apostle, Jesus, girl servant, Mary, or Mary Magdalene to be at our Last Supper reenactment.  The students made communion bread which we broke and shared at our special meal with grape juice.   We learned that sharing bread is a sign of friendship.   Before we shared our meal Jesus washed some students’ feet and led us all in prayer.  Mrs. Rogers read us the story The Servant King (The Last Supper, from Mark 14, and John 13-14)    We all had a joyful time celebrating friendship, new life, and the love of Jesus.

Patrice Rogers

Kindergarten Teacher