Teacher Talk: The Last Supper – Holy Thursday

April 18, 2017

Pre-Kindergarten children gathered together to celebrate the Last Supper with each other on Holy Thursday.  We had been talking about the 12 special friends of Jesus, The Disciples, for a few weeks.  They knew Matthew was a thief before he met Jesus and they knew Andrew and Peter were fishermen.  They knew some of these men helped pass out the loaves and fish when Jesus multiplied them to feed the crowd.

They knew these men had watched as Jesus cured the man who was lowered through the roof, had seen the lepers cured, had seen the blind man cured, and had seen Zacchaeus change his life.  After naming the 12 each day, these Pre-Kindergarten children often said:  “They became good and holy people after they met Jesus.”

On Holy Thursday, each child chose which disciple to be and then met in the hall.  We paraded into the room shaking our homemade instruments singing praises to God.  Then we sat down around beautiful cloth spread on the floor.  They were a bit excited when asked to take off their shoes and socks!  Patty LaMothe took the role of Jesus.  

She washed each person’s feet or hands as she repeated the words: “Do this when you remember me.  Do this to show your love for one another.  Do this in memory of me.”  Then she took biscuits, broke them, and shared them with each person while again saying:  “Do this in memory of me.”  Then everyone stood, joined hands, and sang a song of praise to God many times. 

 The Last Supper ended with our Pre-Kindergarten children rhythmically swaying, clapping, jumping, twirling, and stomping feet while praising God.   Perhaps as those special friends of Jesus did all those years ago ….

Sing, sing, sing a song!

Sing a song to God!

Praise God!  Praise God!

Sing a prayer to God!

Patty LaMothe
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher