Mater Christi School Class of 2016 Celebrates Recognition and Graduation Events

June 4, 2016

On May 31, Recognition Day, each member of the 8th grade class was recognized by their teachers for the personal, unique and positive characteristics with which he or she had gifted the school. For the majority of the students this sharing of their gifts had occurred over a space of ten years since many members of the class began their Mater Christi experience as 3 or 4-year olds. In addition, awards were given to those students who had excelled in one or more of these areas: academics, religious studies, sports, music, and visual art. View a complete list of award recipients

On June 2, the MCS eighth graders graduated. There were two parts to the graduation ceremony: Mass and the Awarding of Certificates. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Dallas St. Peter.

The Graduation ceremony began with a reading of the Class History by Claire Ammirato, Caitlin Salmon, Ariella Aubin, Solomon John, Isabella Magg, Madeline Sawyer, and Maren Altadonna. Then Ethan Behr and Sam Thompson performed a revised version of “Hallelujah”. They changed Leonard Cohen’s original lyrics to honor the middle school teachers at Mater Christi.

The graduation address was delivered by Ms. Donna Quinlan, MCS physical education instructor for over 20 years. She stressed how important it is to treat others with respect and kindness and to get out into the community and volunteer. She emphasized how important volunteerism is in her life and hopes that the Class of 2016 will continue to do community service as they have done during their years at Mater Christi.

Madeleine Sawyer played “Courante”, from the 1st Suite of J.S. Bach, on the violin, and then it was time for the graduation certificates to be presented by Mr. Terry Breen, Mr. Anthony Fontana, and Mr. Fritz Lash. After the graduates gratefully switched the tassels on their caps, Caitlin Salmon performed a breathtaking vocal solo, “Lilium”, from the Elfen Lied anime.

Claire Reilly and Lisi Breen presented the 2016 yearbook and revealed that the special dedication this year was to Mr. Mike Early, IT Director. Mr. Pendergrass and Mrs. Lyman sang a song for Mr. Early, to which the audience responded “hysterically.” The song had been written for Mr. Early by Hannah Robertson. Following this, Sam Thompson sang Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” dedicating it to Mrs. Heath.

A special photo slideshow, prepared by Mrs. Jenn Behr, ended the formal part of the ceremony, and then Mr. Fontana wrapped up the ceremony with his closing remarks. A lovely reception for all, which was prepared by seventh grade parents, followed. For more gradation photos, visit our Smugmug page.

Congratulations, Class of 2016!