Traditional May Crowning Held at Mater Christi School

May 18, 2015

May CrowningOn May 14, Mater Christi School held its traditional crowning of a statue of Mary, Mother of Jesus. The day was perfect weather-wise as MCS students, faculty, and parents joined the procession from the elementary building to the middle school building accompanied by the school band. The eighth grade boys served as an honor guard between which everyone passed as they approached the statue. Arriving in front of Mary’s statue, the younger students handed their flowers to the 8th grade girls, who put the flowers in vases which had been arranged earlier around the statue.

In a row of chairs, a few feet from the statue and in a place of honor, were a number of Sisters of Mercy, including 95 year-old (young) Sister Jane Frances.

May CrowningAfter all of the children had given their flowers to be placed in the vases, nine seventh graders read the life of Mary as found in the New Testament. Following this, was the singing of the Hail Mary in French by kindergarten – grade 5 students, led by their French teacher, Madame Giron. Eighth grader, Morgan Cieslak, then placed the crown on the statue, followed by the singing of “Immaculate Mary” by everyone present.

An Ascension Thursday Mass, which was celebrated by Fr. Jon Schnobrich – chaplain of the Catholic Center at UVM, had preceded the May Crowning ceremony. Fr. Jon had given an inspirational homily, tying together (of all things) hockey and Pentecost, which connected well with both the students and adults present.

The entire morning proved to be both touching and inspirational.

Sister Joanne LaFreniere, RSM
Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life