Makerspace: MCS Make a Robot in a Weekend Robo-thon (April 11)

March 10, 2015

The Mater Christi Makerspace is a new community of makers forming to explore, make and share. Join us in the elementary school computer lab room on the second floor for our “Make a Robot in a Weekend Robo-thon” this Saturday, April 11 beginning at 9:00AM. We will work until we have a robot!

Greensea, an aquatic robot company in Richmond, recently donated an eclectic collection of leftover parts from their factory stock room. The Mater Christi Makerspace is planning to use this primordial soup to design and build cool robotic creations. The first robot will be a community-build in conjunction with crazy robot builders from Generator in Burlington. Join us in any of the various steps it will take to go from a pile of unrelated parts to the first functioning robot born in the new makerspace!

We are building a remote controlled land-­based robot that can hold a marker or chalk and write on cardboard or paper. Below you’ll find some images of some parts we have to usee. We have 2 soldering irons, wire strippers and a scroll saw with a variety of blades to cut plastic and metal. Additional hand tools would be helpful. We also have a lot of aluminum of various thicknesses and geometries, which can be cut on the scroll saw. There is a mile of wire and nearly every connector ever invented for power and data. An E­stop button and fuse holder with 30A fuse and other electrical components are available, including antennas and cooling fans and fins. Plenty of assembled and unassembled circuit boards for visual effect!

Volunteers are welcome to bring favorite peanut-free snacks to share.  Our youngest bot-builders are invited to build scribblebots and magic wands.

Please feel free to bring your ideas, advice and encouragement! Please contact Mike Early ( or Tricia Finkle ( with questions.  Learn more about the Makerspace.