Kindergarten Students Explore Faith and Creativity in Library and Art

November 15, 2023

At Mater Christi School, we have a commitment to integrating faith, learning, and creativity. Integration between teachers and subjects is very important. Most recently, our kindergarten students learned about Mary Stevenson’s poem “Footprints in the Sand.” “Footprints in the Sand” is a poem that resonates deeply with our Catholic faith. It tells a story of walking with the Lord and realizing that during the most challenging times, it is He who carries us. This message of unwavering support and love is a cornerstone of our teachings at MCS. Our students discussed that they are never alone. They have the support of God, their family, their teachers, and their friends as they walk through their lives.

The two teachers wanted the students to create a visual representation of the poem. In Library class, students began with MCS librarian, Ms. Kristen King, reading and discussing “Footprints in the Sand,” exploring its themes and the feelings it evoked. They talked about times they felt supported and loved, drawing parallels to the poem’s message. Mrs. M.C. Baker, MCS art teacher, painted her student’s feet in the Art Studio and made footprints! Another day, they listened to the sounds of the Ocean as they painted large pieces of paper. They loved using their hands and texture tools to paint kinesthetically. Their direction was to “paint what they felt water looked like.” Using collage to join their water and footprints, each student sprinkled sand onto their beach and used 3D puff paint to complete the piece.


This project was more than an art lesson; it was a holistic learning experience. Students practiced literacy skills by reading and discussing the poem. They explored emotional expression and reflection, understanding how art can convey feelings and messages. Most importantly, they delved into the concept of faith and support, core values of our school’s mission. The finished artworks are now proudly displayed in our school hallway, a testament to our students’ creativity and understanding. Each piece is a personal reflection, a story of faith as seen through the eyes of a child. Projects like this not only showcase the talents of our young artists but also deepen their understanding of faith and support.

At Mater Christi, we believe in nurturing the whole child — intellectually, spiritually, and creatively. This project with Mrs. M.C. Baker, Ms. Kristen King, and our kindergarten classes exemplifies this philosophy in action. We invite parents and community members to visit our school to view this heartfelt display and see firsthand how our students grow in their faith and creative expression.