2023 Middle School Vermont Cross-Country Run Championship

November 4, 2023

On Sunday, October 28,  the Mater Christi School cross country team had their last meet of the season on Sunday at Hard’Ack Park in St. Albans. It was a very cold and windy day for the over 500 runners and almost 30 schools from around Vermont. The MCS bulldogs were tough and represented the school very well.

The girl’s team ran first, and once again, Madi Lacy and Savannah Nelson had great starts to get out with the leaders on the muddy course. Madi pulled away with the lead runner from Harwood, and she ran her fastest race of the season at a 5:39 pace to finish second overall in the race. Savannah ran her fastest race of the season as well and finished close behind in 5th overall. LilyEllen Wilfong Vo had an incredible race, finishing in the top 10 of all 5th and 6th graders in the state. Ryann Savage and Summer Nelson again had great races and passed many runners in the long final stretch to the finish to help the girls’ team finish 3rd overall in the state. This was an impressive team finish against the much larger teams from all over Vermont.

The boys ran second again on a muddier course with over 300 runners in their race. Asa Jorgenson went out chasing the lead runners and held strong over the 2 mile course to finish 9th overall. Jasper Fuller, Siddhartha Park, Max Robinson, Henry Juell-Vandeth, and John Belter ran close together in a pack for a while and still maintained a great pace to help the team score. They finished 13th overall and have a great future as a young team.

Mike Early, Cross Country Coach

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