News: Birds of Vermont

June 10, 2019

Fourth grade artists recently completed a unit on Vermont birds. The goal was to build a better understanding of each student’s sense of place as well as to collaborate with teachers in order to allow students to explore the topic in a variety of spaces. After researching his/her bird on the computer, each student created a rendering to label and detail each unique bird.

Students then created a small clay silhouette of his/her bird which was dried and fired in a kiln, and then painted in a realistic way.  The final paintings, drawings, and clay ornaments are hung in the corridors. Please view the iMovie with the bird songs and images of Vermont birds that students created as their final project.  Many thanks to Mr. Early, who contributed technological know-how and support, and to Mrs. Sem who incorporated birds into her math and science classes.

Check out the Fourth Grader’s movie