Newsletter: Talent Show

April 2, 2019

Talent Show

On Friday, March 15th Mater Christi held its annual Talent Show.  Twelve acts, which included over 30 students performed for the school.  Students sang, danced, told jokes, and acted out comedy skits. Students in grades 3 and up were brave enough to get up on stage in front of the entire school to show off talents.  Singing included the songs “A Whole New World,” “The Cups Song,” “Young Blood,” and “The Sunflower Song.” The show ended with one seventh grade homeroom singing and rapping to an original song they wrote as a class.  Thank you to everyone who performed!

Complete list of performers:

    • Lila Hershey & Lyla LaBossiere – Singing A Whole New World from Aladdin
    • Emerson Knudsen, Isabelle Lacy, Taylor Tritt & Jack Bryan – Comedy Act titled “The Interrupted Vacation”
    • Trudi Holzman & Cecilia Wright – singing The Sunflower Song
    • Ziva Baker, Mariana Ferguson & Madeleine Hammer – Comedy Act titled “Seaside Restaurant: Squid Drama”
    • Lily Howe & Evelyn Santillo – Singing The Cups Song
    • Beatrice & Madeleine Robinson – Telling Jokes
    • Hanna Schold, Madison Lacy & Adela Grimm – Skit
    • Alex McCullen, Elektra Honsinger & Ana Walsh – Singing Young Blood
    • Katherine Freeman & Kate Larkin – Ballet Performance to the song A Million Dreams


  • Liesl Kolbe, Jacqueline Brown & Abigail Ulager – Comedy Skit


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