Newsletter January 2019

February 12, 2019

Mater Christmas Kicks Off Winter Break

Students led over 200 parents in a joyous celebration of the season, with performances by every grade level and a special performance by the middle school chorus. Led by music teacher Lori Marino, students sang songs ranging from a terrific rendition of Jingle Bells by the Preschool and Prekindergarten classes, to an artful performance of Stille Nacht by the middle school chorus. Staffed by volunteer alumni, it marks the start of a new holiday tradition for Mater Christi School that we hope will continue to bring the community together for many years to come.


Bringing Christmas Joy to The Arbors

The MCS Advanced band and members of the chorus, led by band teacher Barb Heath, played and sang traditional Christmas carols for the residents at The Arbors just before Christmas. The audience sang along. It was a joyous event, and the type of community service for which Mater Christi students are known.




Get Ready Fore Spring

Even though we are surrounded by snow, Athletic Director, Mr. Farnham-Haskell has put together an amazing slate of spring sports offerings. Plans include: track and field (5th through 8th grade), baseball (5th through 8th), softball (5th through 8th), lacrosse (3rd and 4th grade boys and girls, depending on interest), and for the first time, golf, for 3rd grade and up, which will meet once a week to start.  There will also be volleyball during the month of March, for 4th grade and up. Please keep an eye out for sign-ups and start warming up!


Interview with new Art Teacher Mrs. Baker:  “Making art is joyful!” 

Mrs. Baker describes her classroom as a studio, a place for making and creating.  When you walk into the art studio you will see colorful artwork, from both Mrs. Baker and her students, decorating the walls. Fun and upbeat music is often heard coming from the studio as well as students chatting about how much fun art class was.

Mrs. Baker is incorporating and infusing math into artwork, students are using fractions, measuring, shapes and area to create works of art. Students will be using technology, history, literature, and much more to connect art to their classrooms. “I believe art is a vehicle for learning all different disciplines”, Mrs. Baker said. The results certainly support that belief!




Community Service on MLK Day

Even with the cancellation of school on MLK Day, middle school students managed to donate 254 sandwiches and an abundance of bread, meat and cheese to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf on Tuesday, January 22. Students brought in donations and worked tirelessly throughout religion class to make as many sandwiches as possible. A total of 202 lbs. of food was donated.

Preschool to grade 5 students collected over 350 items that were donated today to the Burlington Ronald McDonald House. Kristine Bickford, the executive director, visited school and addressed students to give them an idea of the Ronald McDonald House’s mission and how we as a school can help.  Students organized and counted all the items.  Everything was delivered to the Ronald McDonald House and the staff was overwhelmed with the generosity of the MCS community.

What a great way to celebrate and continue the legacy of Dr. King!


We Met Our Goal! 

Enrollment Update & Registration News

Enrollment activities continue to remain steady, with a regular stream of tours and shadows. With a new student enrolling in two weeks, we will have met our goal of 220 fully enrolled students. We have 58 new students, the result of a vigorous enrollment effort last spring and continued good word of mouth. Entry grades continue to be kindergarten and grade 6, although the preschool continues to show strength. Preschool and prekindergarten enrollment is open and we have new families walking through the halls, so please say hello when you see them.

Current families will receive registration packages in the next few days and will have until March 8 to re-enroll — so please keep an eye on your mailbox. We have an open house on February 6 and open enrollment starts March 9. Stay tuned for more updates!


Alumna Emily Bloom ‘17 Honored as High School Athlete of the Week

Emily started running cross-country at Mater Christi, and took it to Rice where she is now a sophomore. Emily was honored by Local 22 this week as the High School Athlete of the Week.

“She’s on a forward trajectory to be faster this year, so she’s definitely progressed in her times,” Rice assistant track coach Oliver Wood said. “Outside of that, just being a teammate, she’s a great leader on the team. The kids all know her as the hard-worker that will always be here every day even if there’s six inches of snow outside, whatever it is. She’ll be here doing the workout asking what more she can do at the end of practice.”
Emily added that competing in long distance races teaches her valuable lessons she can apply to other aspects of life. “Without running, I don’t think I’d be the same person at all because it’s taught me a lot. It’s taught me to work hard, it’s taught me to not give up, and that things don’t come easy.”


Upcoming Events

  • Open House – February 6

           To volunteer as a tour guide, please contact Melissa Senesac.

  • Open House – April 17