News: Middle School Science Fair

February 22, 2019

Congratulations to all of the students who worked so hard on projects for this year’s Mater Christi Science Fair. 6th and 8th grade students did an excellent job finding an answer to a question using the scientific method, while students in grade 7 tried something new and utilized the engineering design process to build, test, and refine a design. All of the projects reflect several months of hard work by the students. All of the 19 judges were very impressed with the quality of the work and student presentations. The Mater Christi Science Fair is something of an institution, and it models our focus on process over outcomes!


6th Grade

7th grade

8th Grade

Special Awards

1-Engineering Award -Colin Shea “Seas Knees”

2-Physics Award- Miranda Lizotte- “Hot or Cold”

3-Testing Procedure-Forest Hines “Trebuchet Throws Trillions of Terameters”

4-Interesting Project Idea- Amelia Curry- “Whip it”

Mark Pendergrass
Middle School Science Teacher