News: Mater Christi School Science Fair

March 19, 2018

On February 20-22, Mater Christi School middle school students presented their science projects to a panel of esteemed judges including senior engineers from Global Foundries and IBM, UVM faculty members, and science instructors from Rice Memorial High School. Students developed research and inquiry-based science projects based on their interests. Students first researched their topic by finding similar experiments and relevant science concepts, then formed an hypothesis based on their research. Data was collected, considered, analyzed and summarized as a conclusion. “It really is wonderful that students at Mater Christi School get to dig so deep into things that they are genuinely curious about,” said Mater Christi School science teacher Mark Pendergrass.  


Special Awards

  1. Drinky Bird 1- Myla Altadonna “Eggcellent”
  2. Drinky Bird 2- Connor Peet “Would Wood be Good for Hockey”
  3. Einstein -Celeste Slauterbeck “Gone with the Wind”
  4. Tesla-Jaiden Tremblay “Just the Right Amount of Pressure”
  5. Marie Curie- Anney Blank “Magnets VS Temperature”


Awards by Grade

Grade 6

  1. Lauren McCabe “Either You’re Out or Urine”
  2. Morgan Kenny “Kickin’ it with Atmospheric Pressure”
  3. Anders Linseisen “Fight the Friction”
  4. Clara Hershey “The Sweet Stuff”


Grade 7

  1. Jared Kennedy “Making Clean Energy Get Dirty”
  2. Anthony Brescia “What Angle makes the Arrow Go Farther?”
  3. Phillip Skid “Don’t Get Clammy Over River Pollution”
  4. Ellie Haigney “Heart Warming”


Grade 8

  1. Malinn Sigler “A Trashy Insulation Project”
  2. Julien Buttolp “Are You a FAN of Renewable Energy”
  3. Wolfie Davis “Is the VAWT HAWT or nawt”
  4. Gaia Lenox “Algae is All ABout that Base”