Mater Christi School Prays Stations of the Cross

April 13, 2017

As part of their celebration of Holy Week,  Mater Christi School students and staff gathered in the school gym to pray the Stations of the Cross. Fourteen banners marked the 14 significant stops that Christians traditionally believe Jesus made as he carried his cross through the city of Jerusalem to Calvary.

Each classroom in the school had representatives who read the prayers that went with their assigned Station. The school’s musicians began the ceremony by singing “All I Ask of You Is to Remember Me As Loving You” and then as the 8th grade candle and cross bearers went from station to station, “Jesus, remember me…” was sung.
After the Fourteenth and final Station, “Were You There?” was sung, followed by everyone leaving the gym in silence.

Teachers felt that praying the Stations provided the students with extra reflection time before they went home to continue keeping Holy Week. – the most solemn time of the year on the Christian calendar.

Sister Joanne LaFreniere, RSM
Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life