Teacher Talk: Geology, Pathology, Anesthesiology (and more!) in First Grade

June 9, 2016

Mater Christi first grade students just finished learning about community helpers and published our Community Helpers Books. The class had visits from doctors, a physical therapist, geologist, teachers, pastor, and a parent from the Air National Guard. We pretended we were Geologists, like Mr. Howe, and tried digging fossils and minerals out of rock. We used chocolate chip cookies as our rocks and tried to take the chocolate chips out with a knife and toothpicks. The class said it was very hard and would take a long time.

We had two doctors come to visit us too, an anesthesiologist and a pathologist. We got to wear caps, masks and gloves. The class listened to each other’s heart beats using a stethoscope! Then we were able to see a brain, liver and lungs from a real person. This was very exciting.

After learning about so many differ community helpers many of the students now want to be doctors and scientists.

Amanda Barone
First Grade Teacher