Teacher Talk: Kindergarten Launches 30 Painted Lady Butterflies

May 30, 2016

After three weeks of waiting, observing, journaling, measuring, recording data, researching, estimating, doing art projects to learn about symmetry, reading and writing books about the Painted Lady Butterfly and it’s life cycle, the Kindergarteners at Mater Christi School said goodbye to their 30 Painted Lady butterflies.

Thirty 1/2 inch caterpillars arrived the first week of May. The students observed and recorded changes for almost two weeks as the caterpillars ate and ate, shed their skin, and ate and ate some more -growing to one inch and a half inches in length (measured by the students). Excitement grew and the caterpillars hung in a “J” and shed their skins the final time and the beautiful chrysalises appeared. The students helped move the chrysalises into the butterfly garden.

All of a sudden, several chrysalises started vibrating. This vibrating lasted a long time. We researched why and found that it was because we moved them and they were sensing danger. The students recorded all of this in their journals.

The day the butterflies emerged from their chrysalises was full of excitement as they watch, cheered, and counted as each one arrived. We put flowers and water in their habitat and observed the butterflies sip nectar through their proboscis. When the day came to release the butterflies each child got to hold one and send it off with fond memories. View more photos on our SmugMug page.

*The day the butterflies were released was on Pajama Day during Spirit Week!

Patrice Rogers
Kindergarten Teacher