Teacher Talk: 7th Grade Students Create Caricatures by Using Mathematical Principals and Calculations

March 24, 2016

This assignment entitled: “YOU!” and “Distorted You” represents one project in a progression of problems, all of which ask each student to create using mathematical principles and calculations rather than practice.  Both are crucial skills in the process of learning and applying mathematics to life, but we have traditionally done more of the latter than we have of the former.

In this case, 7th grade students have been challenged in preparation for these projects to reason proportionally, to think about the relationship of two variables, and to test for proportionality in various ways.  This project, then, asks each student to create a scaled-down version of her/his own body using a non-whole number scale factor.  With that information the student then creates a caricature that scales up one body part while scaling down another.

Lots of measurement, challenging math, intentional collaboration, funny pictures, and tons of fun.

Tim Loescher
Middle School Math Teacher