Makerspace: A Glimpse into Elementary Coding Club (K-3)

November 17, 2015

Elementary Code ClubStudents in the Elementary Code Club are introduced to concepts of coding using free iPad apps. Students in kindergarten through grade 3 meet every Thursday after school in the Makerspace. On November 12, 14 students attended the first meeting which included 6 girls and 8 boys. Students used the Bee-Bot app to learn the basic concept of forward/backward, turn left/turn right, to navigate the garden path to reach the flower, heard sheep and collect eggs. Bee-Bot is also a programmable robot that students can use to “see” their code in action!

In Elementary Code Club Elementary Code Clubthis year, students can look forward to working with RoboLogic and CargoBot for robotics control, and using Tynker and ScratchJr to learn computer programming.

Proceeds from club fees will be directed toward purchase of BeeBot robots

To learn more or sign your child up, contact Tricia Finkle (


Tricia Finkle
STEAM Enrichment Instructor & Makerspace Director