Mater Christi Fourth Grade Students Visit the State House

April 3, 2015

The Mater Christi School fourth graders recently went on a field trip to Montpelier where they spent the morning at the Vermont Historical Society Building, and in the afternoon toured the State House.

Since the school’s curriculum for grade 4 emphasizes Vermont government, economy, culture and history, Glenda Bedard, social studies teacher, arranged this field trip. She feels that experiencing first-hand the source from where much of the government in the state takes place as well as where some of the best information on Vermont’s economy and history can be found is key to insuring that the youngsters will remember this information long after they return to school.

According to Mrs. Bedard, “The fourth graders went to Montpelier having earlier prepared and given talks on Vermont. They had used information learned from a variety of written and internet sources. This field trip helped make the information not only take on life, but should also insure that this life will be long lasting.”

Sister Joanne LaFreniere, RSM
Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life