“Principal for the Day”, 6th Grade Student Mr. William Tritt, had Charisma and a Cause

March 31, 2015

DSC_9339-XLOn Monday, March 23, Mater Christi School sixth grader, Mr. William Tritt, took on the duties of Mater Christi School “Principal for the Day”. Mr. Tritt had a very busy day which consisted of meeting with visiting author Tanya Lee Stone, reading Bear’s New Friend to the kindergarten and 1st grade classes, checking in and observing classrooms, and leading the morning prayer, pledge, and announcements. Mr. Tritt was admired by the students and one in particular commented, “You’re a good reader!” Mr. Tritt then met with the administrative team and shared his thoughts on school needs, the budget, and how to increase enrollment. Mr. Tritt helped set up a luncheon for Tanya Lee Stone and the Mater Christi School team of teachers. He was also able to have lunch with his friends in the teachers’ conference room.

In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, Mr. Tritt had made a very special request prior to accepting the role of principal. He wanted to raise money for a personally important cause – Alzheimer’s Research. William said his grandmother died from Alzheimer’s disease last year and he misses her dearly. In order to raise money, he asked that students come to school wearing the Alzheimer’s Disease universal color, purple, instead of their uniforms and to make a donation of at least a dollar for Alzheimer’s research. As a result of his request, the school raised over $200 for Alzheimer’s Research!

Towards the end of the day, first grade student, Kate Larkin, approached Mr. Tritt with a proposal for new gym uniforms. As with any good leader, he listened and complimented her thoughtful ideas.

Mr. Tritt’s commented that he liked how his friends were calling him “Principal”. He said many students asked how they, too, could become “Principal of the Day” and he replied, “The Spring Benefit auction!” The MCS Spring Benefit will Sunday, April 12th at Essex Cinemas. Click here to learn more.

MCS Principal, Anthony Fontana, said it was wonderful to have a student’s perspective on different things that came up during the day. He said William is a very rational thinking, mature sixth grader who not only handled the responsibilities of “Principal for the Day” well but also admirably raised money for a worthy cause. Well done, Mr. William Tritt!