Teacher Talk: Thai Scholar Teaches MCS Students the Art of Kae-Sa-Luk

February 10, 2015

Hannah Robertson Teacher Talk2On Feb 9, the 8th grade had the opportunity to welcome a Thai Scholar from Bangkok Christian College to teach us about Kae-Sa-Luk, the art of fruit and vegetable carving.

Thai carving is believed to have roots in the 14th century. In order to impress the king, servants created carvings that resembled birds and flowers. The practice became an exclusive art form for women but today is accepted by both genders.

Hannah Robertson Teacher Talk3Supanya “Lek” connected well with the students, bringing humor and support as they attempted this ancient art form.  Each student started with 1/3 of a large cucumber and created triangle cuts around base and lip. Embellishments of fruit and other vegetables were used to complete their presentation. “Lek” and I were very impressed with the concentration, willingness to participate and overall results by the 8th graders. “Lek” chose six students that went above and beyond and awarded them with a wood carved elephant keychain. Once the designs were shared, students were able to eat their creations!  Thank you “Lek”!

Hannah Robertson
Art Teacher