100th Day of School in Mrs. Roger’s Kindergarten

February 9, 2015

100 Day of SchoolThe 100th Day of School provides many ways in which math skills can be learned or practiced, and this was certainly the case in Mrs. Patrice Rogers’s kindergarten classroom at Mater Christi on Monday, February 9. The students were assigned homework the previous Friday, that consisted of attaching 100 items to a poster board. The results were fun and surprising on Monday, February 9 as the children proudly presented the results of their efforts to their teacher. Items such as buttons, tiny pom poms and colored beads were arranged in groups of ten (in a variety of configurations) to make a total of 100. In addition, the kindergarteners were invited to come to school dressed the way people did 100 years ago. For many of the children, this simply meant wearing big glasses!

100 Day at Mater Christi SchoolOne of the high points of the day was when the children got to eat some goodies provided by their teachers, Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Crowley. Of course, as is often the case, there was a catch. In order to procure the goodies, one had to count out ten from each dish into a paper plate. Some of the choices were pretzels, little marshmallows, cereal puffs, and popcorn. The children understood that they needed to have a total of 100 treats before they could begin munching, but, there were only nine bowls of treats. It did not take them long to figure out that they needed to add ten more items from one of the bowls to reach the goal!

Sister Joanne LaFreniere, RSM
Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life