Teacher Talk: Red Dahlias on the Headstones

October 24, 2014

My students were cleaning up the Sisters’ garden for Reaching Out Day and wanted to save the beautiful Dahlias. When we finished up, they were drawn to the welcoming path leading down to the cemetery. The students were moved by how old, and yet how young some of the Sisters of Mercy were when they died. One student suggested bringing the Dahlias down to place on the headstones.

After running back and grabbing the enormous bouquet, one student decided to put the flowers on all the of the youngest Sisters’ graves. From there, students chose their own intentions around selecting which graves to honor. It was really an incredible unfolding of intentions.

Finally, when we gathered back together I suggested that we say a prayer together for all the Sisters of Mercy and one student said, “Let’s say the Children’s Suscipe!” I was so moved by their genuine nature.

Ms. Julia Melloni
Middle School Religion Teacher