Teacher Talk: International Peace Day

September 22, 2014

We kicked off the school year in our middle school religion classes with a focus on Jesus as the Prince of Peace and our commitment to acts of Mercy under the guidance of the Sisters of Mercy here at Mater Christi School. Our curriculum centered on the U.N. sanctioned 21st of September Peace One Day.

My 8th graders researched the role of the U.N. and the need for this organization to formally influence peace, non-violence, and ceasefires throughout the world.  The research was used to create Peace One Day websites. I encouraged the 7th graders through a free write to design their own plans of action for creating awareness of Peace Day.

Groups created an archway of peace, a peace mobile, peace buttons, posters, and graffiti. I collaborated with our art teacher, Ms. Hannah Robertson, to create the pinwheels for peace as part of the larger international Pinwheels for Peace effort of imagine “whirled” peace with our 6th graders.  All in all, the student-centered projects kept the classroom buzzing with energy and creativity and awareness that it is individuals who change the world for the better!

Ms. Julia Melloni
Middle School Religion Teacher