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    We are so happy you would like to learn more about Mater Christi School. Mater Christi School has been a part of this community since the Sisters of Mercy opened a school at this location in 1886. More than a century later, Mater Christi continues the tradition of education as a private, Catholic school,... Learn More

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    Mater Christi School Administrators, Board of Trustees, and the Sisters of Mercy are committed to maintaining an annual tuition that is affordable. The actual per-student cost at Mater Christi is in excess of $13,000. Unlike some Catholic schools, Mater Christi School is not subsidized with cash contributions... Learn More

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    Setting the Standard for Remote Learning Mater Christi School was one of the first schools in Vermont to transition to remote learning; the school rolled out a complete remote learning platform on March 17. Internally, school faculty and administration had already been preparing for the possibility.... Learn More