“Close knit community with a challenging curriculum and amazing teachers!”

– Matthew and Laura Noonan


Mater Christi School’s Middle School (Grades 6-8) provides an environment that allows transition for the students as they move from the elementary into high school and beyond. At a time in their lives when profound changes are occurring, Mater Christi students are challenged to become thoughtful and responsible citizens.  Through interdisciplinary instruction, cooperative learning, and the integration of technology, Mater Christi students become critical thinkers and problem solvers as they discover their own personal greatness.

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Literature                           Social Studies



6th Grade

Sixth graders at Mater Christi School begin their journey into the Middle School.  Through instruction in the content areas, study skills are taught.  Note taking strategies are reviewed in social studies, study skills are refined in English and Literature.  Students travel from teacher to teacher for each of their classes.  Extra support is given in homeroom to review homework expectations and how to stay organized in Middle School.

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7th Grade

Seventh graders at Mater Christi School settled in to the Middle School routine.  Students and teachers benefit from the fact that they have already worked together in Grade 6 and can pick up where they left off.  Skills are solidified and students grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

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8th Grade

Eighth graders become the peer leaders for our school.  They assist teachers with traffic duty on a daily basis to insure the safety of our students.  Academically, they write a high school caliber research paper about a topic of their choice.  As graduation approaches, many rites of passage occur such as the annual French Luncheon, serving as the court for May Crowning, the special Class Trip, to name a few.  Eighth grade is a memorable year at Mater Christi School.

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A Glimpse into the Middle School Experience

Shakespeare Comes Alive in 7th Grade Literature Performance

Students presented William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They combined elements of acting, staging, lighting comedic timing and special effects to bring Shakespeare’s comedy and fantasy alive in the classroom…

8th Grade Students Deconstruct Combustion Engines
This deconstruction experiment unified the concepts of Matter (Chemistry) and Energy (Physics). Students observed how the combustion reaction releases chemical energy that we can use by converting it to mechanical energy to cut our grass or drive a car…

Students Visit Federal Courthouse for a Live Hearing and Sentencing

Students were given a “real life” taste of the American legal system in action. They recently finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird in Literature class and they have been learning about the United States government in Social Studies…

International Peace Day
In Religion class, students researched the role of the U.N. and the need for this organization to formally influence peace, non-violence, and ceasefires throughout the world…

Journaling about Watching Paint Dry in English
“…A prompt that would make unseasoned writers give up and drop their pens after a few lines. Thoughts change from, ‘I don’t know what to write about’ and ‘this is boring’ to ‘if I can write about this, I can write about anything.'”

6th Graders Pull a Pick-Up Truck to Study Mechanical Advantage
Each year, 6th grade students experiment with simple machines and the concept of mechanical advantage. After learning about the 6 simple machines and examining the work formula (Work =Force x Distance), they  measure the number of students that it takes to tow Mr. Pendergrass’ full size pick-up truck up a hill without any mechanical advantage.

Service Learning at Mater Christi School
2015 marked Mater Christi’s 20th year of service learning. Each year, 7th and 8th grade students do volunteer work at non-profit agencies known at MCS as the “Reaching Out” Program.

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