2024 Science Fair Awards and Recognitions

February 25, 2024

In the spirit of discovery and innovation, this Friday, February 23, we celebrated the remarkable achievements of our young scientists at the 2024 Mater Christi School Science Fair. The event was a resounding success, showcasing the ingenuity and passion of our students across grades 6 through 8. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants and winners who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and scientific thinking.

This year’s science fair was made possible by the dedication and expertise of our distinguished panel of judges, who had the challenging task of evaluating the projects. We extend our gratitude to the following people, whose expertise and insights have been invaluable in recognizing the hard work of our students:

Anne Halgren, Dr. Jason Botten, Elaine Keane, Kim Gravett, Regan Henry, Sharon Boardman, Amanda Kennedy, Michelle Donlon, Rachel Carpenter, Dr. Kelly Rohan, Char Reed, Pete Brescia, Chris Morse, Sridhar Viswanathan, Kevin Cook, Amy Tipple, Carrie Gilander, Julien Buttolph, Seamus Howrigan, Dr. Jenny Kaufman, Dr. Jim Slinkman, Dr. Nimrat Chatterjee, and Dr. Bridget Marroquin.

Congratulations to all students who participated in this year’s science fair. We especially recognize the following award winners:

Grade 6

  • 1st Place: Wesley Price for “Tennis Balls Cold VS Hot”
  • 2nd Place (Tie): Emery Nichols for “Lit Bubbles” and Sophia Ross for “Does Hot or Cold Boil Faster”
  • 3rd Place: Rachel Hershey for “Picky Eater at the Feeder”

Grade 7

  • 1st Place: Clare Hamilton for “Don’t Think Twice About Nice Ice”
  • 2nd Place (Tie): Claire Robblee for “It Must Adjust” and Adele Carte for “Reduce Reuse Recycle”
  • 3rd Place: Ellie Larkin for “A Locker Too Cool for School”

Grade 8

  • 1st Place: Campbell Clark for “Musical Memories”
  • 2nd Place: Luke Sanders for “The Electrolyte Effect”
  • 3rd Place: Ryan Schreiber for “A “Eye” Glasses for the Blind”

Pendy Pics
Special recognition goes to Thomas Moore, Bea Robinson, Ella Botten, Asa Jorgenson, and Kyla Harmeling for their innovative projects that captured our imaginations and demonstrated the power of scientific inquiry.

Next Steps: Vermont STEM Fair
The winners, including our Pendy Pic champions, are invited to represent our school at the prestigious Vermont Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fair. This event will take place on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont.

Important Dates for Participants

  • Registration Deadline: March 15, 2024
  • Submission Finalization: March 18, 2024

Participants must register by creating a profile on the VT-STEM fair web page and finalize their submission by the specified dates.

We are incredibly proud of all our students who participated in the Science Fair, demonstrating not only their scientific insight but also their dedication and hard work. To our winners and all participants, you embody the spirit of exploration and discovery that drives us forward. We look forward to seeing how our representatives will inspire and innovate at the Vermont STEM Fair.