News: Science Fair

March 3, 2023

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the MCS Science Fair! Your hard work and dedication to science and engineering projects are truly inspiring. We hope that you have learned valuable lessons and gained experience that you can carry with you throughout your academic and professional careers.

Of course, we also want to extend a special thanks to the judges who took time out of their busy schedules to evaluate the students’ projects. We appreciate the expertise and insights that you brought to the judging process. Thank you to Pete Brescia, Ben Hershey (‘2017), Dr. Margaret Vizzard, Dr. Declan McCabe, Dr. Kelly Rohan, Dr. Erika Edwards, Dr. Amanda Kennedy, MD Candidate Rachel Carpenter, Regan Henry, Chris Morse, Patrick Flaherty, John Sargis, and Anne Halgren for your time and dedication to this event.

Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, some judges were not able to make it to the fair. We would like to thank Kevin Cook, Dr. Jennifer Pendergrass, Dr. Kelli Mazzella, Dr. Jim Slinkman, Elaine Keane, and Dr. Jim Robblee for agreeing to participate, and hope that we can count on your support for future events.

Now, let’s recognize the award winners! Congratulations to Ella Botten and Clare Hamilton for their Bronze tie in 6th grade for their projects “It’s Crystal Clear” and “That’s an Egg-celent Substitute,” respectively. Adele Carta took home the Silver award in 6th grade for her project “Newton’s Carta.” Will Winters won the Gold award in 6th grade for his project “The Golfers Choice.”

In 7th grade, Abigail Ulager won the Bronze award for her project “An Excellent Feeder.” Krish Dahal won the Silver award for his project “Dynamic Bike Charger.” Cam (C²) Clarke took home the Gold award in 7th grade for her project “Chihuahua Chow.”

In 8th grade, Will Cunningham won the Bronze award for his project “Acid Rain.” Elijah Elliott and Lily Howe tied for the Silver award for their projects “Houston We Have a Project” and “Read Me Please,” respectively. Celeste H. and Whitney Butnor tied for the Gold award in 8th grade for their projects “Mandelbrot Madness” and “Is Maple Syrup bad for Teeth,” respectively.

We also want to recognize the Pendy Picks, which are special awards chosen by Mr. P. Congratulations to Luke Sanders in 7th grade for his project “The Doggy Ball Launcher,” Claire Robblee in 6th grade for her project “Hidden Figures,” Cooper Stevens in 7th grade for his project “Entering Cherbourg 1944”, and Elan Barsky in 8th grade for his project “Get a Grip.”

Once again, congratulations to all of the students who participated in the MCS Science Fair. We hope that this experience has sparked a lifelong love of science and engineering and we look forward to seeing your future achievements in these fields!