News: 2021 Growing Works of Art Winners

April 6, 2021

Congratulations to second grader Chelsea Anker, and sixth grader Raxa Tarijal, who both won first place awards in the 2021 Growing Works of Art Contest, an arts and writing contest for students in grades 1-8 that is hosted in partnership with UVM Extension and the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation. More than 225 students participated in this contest, and first place prizes were awarded to two Mater Christi students! The contest theme was “Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives: Share Your Tree Story!” MCS art teacher, Mrs. M.C. Baker, shared the exciting news during morning announcements. Congratulations, Chelsea and Raxa — we are very proud of you!


Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives

I like nature, but I really like trees because they give us lots of clear air. My favorite tree is the one that is just the same size as me. I like it best because I can see the top of it. I can climb it and it makes me taller. I like the green shade of a summer tree. I like trees in winter too, especially with snow on them. They sparkle.


Wonderful Willow

I live on a small farm in Charlotte. On the farm, there is a pond surrounded by wet soil and mud. One day, we planted willow trees next to the pond because willow trees absorb the muddy water and hold down the wet soil so that the mud and soil don’t go into the waterways and pollute them.

My drawing represents a giant weeping willow by Lake Champlain because my family and I love to have picnics and swim at the beach during the summer. Sometimes we even have a picnic at the beach during the summer. Sometimes we even have a picnic at the beach on a full moon. I get sad toward the end of summer because the lake get algae blooms because of mud and soil pollution. The weeping willow in my drawing represents all of the trees and other plants around Lake Champlain stopping pollution and all of the trees and other plants that could be planted in the future to stop pollution. 

All in all, my drawing symbolizes healthy trees equals healthy water equals healthy lives.