November 2019 Newsletter: Visiting Author – Sarah Dillard

November 25, 2019

Vermont author and cartoonist Sarah Dillard visited kindergarten through grade 3 students to talk about her new book, appropriately titled I Wish It Would Snow. Dillard expertly guided the students through her creative process, showing them the initial sketches for the book and how they evolved into the finished product. She also shared how it felt to be a published author, “To see someone I don’t know reading my book and truly enjoying it, it’s just a really wonderful feeling. I write the books and illustrate them for children and so to be able to talk to a large group of them is thrilling, really. It’s really gratifying.”

Students loved her presentation and her telling of the narrative behind “I Wish It Would Snow”. Whether it was the force of all the positive thoughts in the room or not, we can confirm that the wish of that particular book was granted!