Teacher Talk: World Language Week Culture Fair

April 20, 2018

On Tuesday April 17th, Mater Christi students had the pleasure of exploring various cultures from around the world. In our library, 12 tables showcased Vietnam, Thailand, China, England, Russia, Brazil, Austria, Italy, Japan, Peru, and Cameroon. Parents came with facts, photographs, art and more to provide insight into societies different from our own. When they were not admiring the beautiful trifolds parents had prepared, students could practice Chinese calligraphy, or have their names written in Japanese.

The big hit of course, was the food. Dumpling were fried onsite, manjar blanco was spread onto small cookies, tea was served in the quintessential English fashion, and so on. Understandably, there was a lot of enthusiasm, especially from our 8th graders, to sample as much as possible. There was so much cultural fare for students to eat that many did not have much room for lunch!

Another huge thank you to the families whose hard work and dedication made this event a great success!

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Konrad Herath

Middle School French Teacher