Press Release: Mater Christi School embraces new leadership

November 7, 2017

The Trustees of the Mater Christi School are honored and pleased to announce the appointment of Tim
Loescher as Head of School and President. As Mater Christi School continues its tradition of academic
excellence, Mr. Loescher will direct its future initiatives and support the school’s mission in partnership
with the Board of Trustees. “Mater Christi School is a very special place where students learn and grow
spiritually, intellectually, and interpersonally in a dynamic and nurturing learning environment,” Mr.
Loescher said.
Mr. Loescher had previously served as the Assistant Head of School at Mater Christi and as a mathematics
teacher in the middle school. Prior to his career at Mater Christi School, Mr. Loescher worked in college
ministry on the campuses of Penn State, UVM, and among the major universities of northern Germany.
He also previously taught science at Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA. Mr. Loescher has a B.A. from
Middlebury College, a M.A. from Dartmouth College, and a M.S. in Teaching from UVM where he has also
served as instructor.
Mr. Loescher began his appointment in July 2017, and is supported by the Assistant Head of School
Amanda Barone and a dedicated and experienced faculty