Mater Christi School Class of 2017 – Awards Ceremony

June 14, 2017

The following Mater Christi School eighth graders received awards at their Recognition Day event on June 7th, 2017:

The President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Reed Abry, Alexander Jones, Owen McDermott, Cole Tarrant, William Tritt, and Elena Valerio. Purpose of this award: Recognize students who show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects but do not meet the criteria for the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. It is meant to encourage and reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school, often in the face of special obstacles to their learning.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Jackson Harris, Ben Hershey, Jessica Kennedy, Leah Isabel Stearns, Juliette Hassenberg, Marina Prikis, Charlotte Vincent, Caleb Matosky, Erik Linseisen, Helen Argraves and David Wendeln. Must have scored in the 85%-ile or higher in math or reading on Standardized Achievement test (we use the 7th grade test) and have a grade point average of 90 or higher from grade 4 through second (Trimester) of grade 8.


The Frederick M. Peyser Art Award: Sara Beth Marroquin. (small trophy-type award) – art teacher names the recipient and presents award jointly with a member of the Peyser family. Awardee shows great talent and enthusiasm in the area of art as well as a willingness to share this gift in whatever way is possible.


Distinguished Choral Music Award: Marina Prikis. Is presented to students who have shown a great deal of talent in these areas and willingly share their gift of music with others. The MCS music teacher presents the Choral award and the MCS band teacher presents the instrumental award.

The Emily Lyman Creative Writing Award: Helen Argraves and Colin Lyman. (plaque and certificate) is given in honor of Emily’s devotion to writing. The English teacher nominates a student to receive this award and, jointly, with a member of Emily’s family, makes the presentation.


The Catherine McAuley Award: Vanessa George and Bila Bogre.  (Plaque sponsored by the Vermont Sisters of Mercy and certificate) Recipient(s) exemplify Catherine McAuley’s ability to recognize the ways in which God gifted her and her courage and generosity in using these gifts for others.


The John J. Hartnett Memorial Award: Emily Bloom and Samuel Rubman. (plaque and certificate) Recipient(s) exhibit outstanding performance in the areas of academics, school spirit, and sports.


Jhamille Renton Award: Charlotte Vincent and Joe DuBrul. (Large plaque and smaller plaque(s) for awardees). Recipient(s) exemplify Jhamille’s love of life, her positive and gentle spirit, and in particular, her love and care for young children. Jhamille died as an eighth grader at Mater Christi in 1990.


The Kristen Laure Charlebois Memorial Literary Award: Elena Valerio. (Large plaque and smaller plaque(s) for awardees).  Kristen -who loved to read – graduated from MCS and died in a car accident while a student at RMHS. Her mother was a French teacher at MCS for many years. The librarian nominates the student(s) and presents this award.


Mater Christi Principal’s Award:  Marina Prikis and Ben Hershey. (Plaque and certificate). Recipient(s) demonstrate a consistent, strong desire for academic achievement and show a great deal of success. Principal makes final decision as to who receive(s) this award.


The Joseph McNeil Memorial Award: Ella Gazo and Cole Tarrant.(Plaque and certificate) Recipient(s) show team spirit and perform outstandingly in MCS’s sports programs. Consistently demonstrate love and respect for sports during physical education classes and in extra-curricular activities.


The Ryan Collins Memorial Award:  Juliette Hassenberg.(Ryan died while a fifth grader at Mater Christi) is given in honor of Ryan’s independent, adventuresome spirit and his love of science. The science teacher nominates the student to receive this award.


DAR Good Citizenship Award: Jackson Harris.Medal (very attractive large medal on a ribbon) and certificate awarded to one 8th grader. Sponsored by the National Daughters of the American Revolution. Requirements are based upon the five qualities of Honor, Service, Courage, Leadership, and Patriotism. A DAR Representative usually presents this Award.

MCS Band Award: Adam Galuszka and Ben Hershey.


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Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life