2017 Science Fair at Mater Christi School

March 20, 2017

February 24 2017 MCS Science Fair

Students prepared research and inquiry based Science projects intended to answer a question of their choosing. In order to find an answer to their question students first researched their topic by finding similar experiments and relevant science concepts. Next they made a hypothesis based on their research. The hypothesis predicted the relationship between their independent (Changed) and Dependent (Measured) variables. After they had a hypothesis, they designed and implemented a test of that hypothesis. Once numeric data was collected during testing, students analyzed the data by graphing it on a spreadsheet. Once the data was carefully considered, students decided if their hypothesis was correct or not and wrote a conclusion stating explaining why. Finally, students wrote a summary of their project called an abstract, and they arranged all of their information on a poster board.   From February 21-23 Students presented their poster to a panel of Judges who selected 3 winners from Each Grade. Special Awards were also selected by Mark Pendergrass.


Special Awards

  1. William Tritt 8th- “Color Advantage”

  2. Ben Hershey “Under the Lights”

  3. Lauren Buhmann “Calling all Germaphobes”

Awards by Grade

Grade 6

  1. Ellie Haigney “Regeneration Acceleration”

  2. Owen Dinklage “Experiment with Evaporation”

  3. Jared Kennedy “Mud is better than Wind Water or Flubber”

Grade 7

  1. Wolfie Davis “Wind Turbine Efficiency”

  2. Julien Buttolph “Materials Affecting WiFi Signal”

  3. Chris Haigney “Chris’s Bridge is Falling Down”

Grade 8

  1. Juliette Hasenberg Hyperaccumulators: A solution to lake Pollution”

  2. Tie -George Huffman “Crash Text Dummy” and Charlotte Vincent “Dusting for Dollars”

  3. Ethan Hoak “Cloudy with a Chance of Energy”

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Mark Pendergrasscience
Middle School Science Teacher