Teacher Talk: 7th Grade Retreat to Saint Michael’s College

February 16, 2017

During the 7th grade retreat to St. Michael’s College last week, students were able to spend some quiet time in the Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel. They were able to relax in prayer and meditation while contemplating their relationship with God. A few different types of meditation were offered to students in a retreat kit created by their teachers. The Edmundites invited students and faculty to celebrate Mass and invited them to be their guests for a delightful lunch in the college’s dining hall.


After a quiet morning of mediation, teachers led high energy games in the gym, and then students explored a snow covered rock garden. By digging in the fresh snow, students revealed inspiring words carved on stones. They happily dug and moved stones around to create poetry. The digging, building, and playing in nature was the perfect balance to the morning in chapel.

The culminating activity was a written reflection and discovering one word to remember about the day to write on a small keepsake stone. May the small stone remind our students of their focus on strengthening their relationship with God.

You can find more pictures of the retreat following this link

Ms. Melloni

Middle School Religion Teacher