Teacher Talk: Digital Storytelling

November 2, 2016

Students in 6T practiced the vocabulary of familiar greetings by writing a dialogue in French.  Partners mapped out their dialogue on paper and then translated it into a skit that they programmed in Scratch Jr on their chromebooks.  This app allowed them to pick characters and backgrounds, record their voices, type their dialogue, and sequence movement and dialogue to create an animated digital story.  To celebrate their accomplishment, the 6th graders shared their projects with their Kindergarten Mass buddies, and taught them how to use the app to create a project.  The sixth graders practiced their French more deeply, while the Kindergarteners saw more expressive uses for coding and the natural progression of coding skills practiced in the classroom.  Both classes really enjoyed the experience and had much fun creating their new projects together.  

Tricia Finkle

STEAM Enrichment Instructor & Makerspace Director  &

Madame Thomas

French Teacher