Teacher Talk: MCS Students Follow the Iditarod Dogsled Race in the Library

March 19, 2016

Despite the lack of snow in Vermont, we’ve been having some winter time fun here in the library! We’ve been following the Iditarod, a thousand mile dogsled race in Alaska. The race began in Anchorage on the 5th of March and ends in Nome. Kids in kindergarten through third grade have heard story books about sled dogs and dogsled racing, from Sled Dogs Run by Jonathan London to Kamik, an Inuit Puppy Story by Donald Uluadluak.

The questions flew as kids wondered: How often do the mushers sleep? (Whenever they need! Though there are two mandatory 8 hour stops, and one 24 hour stop) Where do they keep the dog food? (On the sled with all the other supplies! They set up their own re-supply points before the race.) How do the mushers use the bathroom if they’re so bundled up? (I’m not actually sure…) And of course, who do you think will win this year?! We’ve been following three mushers: Dallas Seavey who has won the past two years, Noah Pereira who is from New York state, and Monica Zappa who has the same first name as our librarian Monica Lyman!

On our bulletin board, students can see a map of the trail and follow the mushers as they race for Nome. Several students in kindergarten have been rooting for Dallas Seavey, even chanting DAL-LAS, DAL-LAS! Much to their satisfaction, Dallas Seavey has finished first on the 13th of March, his own father close on his heels. But the fun isn’t over until the last musher crosses the finish line!

Monica Lyman, Librarian & Multimedia Specialist
Abby Wise, Library Assistant