Makerspace: Kindergarten Students Use Digital Microscope to Examine Bones

March 17, 2016

Ms. King’s kindergarten students are in the midst of their annual human body science unit. To learn more about the skeletal system, Ms. King brought in chicken bones and the students used hand held magnifiers and the Makerspace’s digital microscope to observe the patterns and structures of the bones.

The digital microscope allowed the students to take photomicrographs and then they were able to share their pictures with others and learn from one another about the different parts of the bones. The overall enthusiasm of the students made it clear that this was truly a memorable experience.

This portable technology allowed students the luxury to stay in their classroom for this lesson. The Mater Christi Makerspace received the digital microscope through a PTO grant and the laptop used was donated to the Makerspace by MyWebGrocer in Winooski.

Tricia Finkle
STEAM Enrichment Instructor & Makerspace Director