Mater Christi School’s 2015-2016 Student Council

January 8, 2016

Mater Christi, similar to most schools, has a Student Council whose classroom representatives are elected by their peers. In addition to an adult advisor, the student council has officers elected by the group at its first meeting of the school year. Mater Christi School’s Student Council meets monthly, unless there are agenda items that make it necessary to meet more frequently.

This year, the MCS Student Council has been helping to fund raise for  both school events and for people in the Burlington area that are in need. The group also keeps its “ear to the ground” and provides insight for their advisor in terms of school-wide student concerns. One of its favorite events is the annual student/faculty basketball game which it helps organize, including the half-time entertainment.

Front row (left to right)
Teddy Loescher: Grade 4 Representative  (Burlington)
Andrew Greene: Grade 3 Representative  (Underhill)
Nidhi Konnanur: Grade 7 Representative (Essex Junction)
Daniel Bogre: Grade 5 Representative (Winooski)
Mason Altadonna: Grade 6 Representative (Essex)
Matthew Ludden: Grade 6 Representative (Essex Junction)
Ella Knudsen: Grade 3 Representative (Shelburne)
Mr. Allan Whayland, Advisor

Back row (left to right)
Maren Altadonna: President; Grade 8 (Essex)
Alessandra Magg: Vice President; Grade 8 (Shelburne)
Lily Oliver: Grade 8 Representative (Burlington)
Michael North: Grade 8 Representative (South Burlington)
Melayna Sells: Treasurer; Grade 8 (Essex Junction)
Joe DuBrul: Grade 7 Representative (Shelburne)
Owen Greene: Secretary; Grade 7 (Underhill)
Holden Richard: Grade 5 Representative (Colchester)

Sister Joanne LaFreniere, RSM
Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life