Teacher Talk: 4th Grade Students Study Erosion with the Four Winds Program

November 9, 2015

Four WindsEvery other month, Mater Christi parents come into the kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms to teach classes about the natural sciences through the Four Wind’s Nature Program. Students learn about the natural world around them and how to connect with the environment in their community. Through the use of direct instruction, small group discussions, hands-on projects, and a student led puppet show, students get a well rounded lesson that is both engaging and meaningful.

“I like all the knowledge I get in Four Winds. All the information I gain is amazing and if I already know it then I can restore it in my brain.” -Fourth grade student

Four Winds 8This month we learned all about geology, specifically erosion. Students watched their peers put on a puppet show where different materials (rocks, pebbles, and boulders) discovered how they changed over time. They were then broken into three small groups to look at how rainfall affects ground soil, how rocks get eroded by moving water, and how wind can erode loose sediments. Students gain the vocabulary needed to discuss the topic with others and direct visual example of what they learned. It is a valuable experience to their understanding of the world around them.

“It’s nice of parents to spend their time with us.” -Fourth grade student

Megen Perkins
4th & 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher