Values Guided Tech Device Training for Middle School Students

September 8, 2015

6th, 7th, 8th device projects 053During an in-service week in June, MCS middle school teachers composed 15 guidelines for their students to follow when they received their personal Google Chromebooks this fall.

It seemed very appropriate to model these guidelines after the Core Values of Mater Christi School: Spiritual Growth and Development; Personal and Educational Excellence; Concern for Human Dignity; Global Vision and Responsibility; Compassion & Service, and Collaboration. Once the teachers had decided on using these values as foundational principles for using technological devices in the school, it was fairly easy to derive an MCS Device Usage and Management list.

Technology Device TrainingFor the first week and a half of this new school year, the teachers guided their students through a review of the school’s Core Values and then presented them with the 15 device management guidelines. For example, the first item on the device management list is: “Treat others’ devices as you would want your device to be treated.

Throughout the process of using Google Slides, small and large group discussions, skits, artwork and more, the students became well acquainted with the guidelines. They now understand and respect the privilege of having their own Chromebook for the entire school year.

Sister Joanne LaFreniere, RSM
Director of Public Relations and Spiritual Life

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